Multiple isolated Health Apps exists in the market. DocSmart brings all the requirements of a patient under one platform.

DocSmart fulfils the following needs of a Diagnostic Centre :

Online Visibility - Book blood test or Lab Test

DocSmart gives online visibility to the otherwise offline Diagnostic Centre. This brings the Diagnostic Centre services within the reach of the Users. Patients can book blood tests or Lab tests. Patients can request a full body check up.

Profile Sharing

Diagnostic Centre’s can share its profile with its own customers so that they can reach out directly to them digitally. A QR code can also be downloaded for display for the same.

Info of services

A profile is created of the Diagnostic Centre by DocSmart for the Users. This helps the Diagnostic Centre to promote itself and its Facilities, Availability, Direction map to the centre, contact number for communication etc.


The Diagnostic Centre can attract Users by offering discounts which will be seen to the Users.

Increase in Business

Various health care centres will benefit with DocSmart’s vast User base additions. Since DocSmart offers an Health Ecosystem, an user in the app will be able to avail all health care services in one place.

Accepting bookings online

Diagnostic Centre’s can receive booking requests directly from customers / Patients. Requests are not routed through DocSmart and “no commission” is taken by DocSmart for the same.

Home Test

The Diagnostic Centre on acceptance of a booking request can inform the Customer / Patient regarding the Technician name and contact details who shall be visiting the home of the patient. This helps improve co-ordination.

Maintaining of records

Records of all orders accepted/ rejected / or cancelled are saved within the application along with the prescription.

Online sharing of Reports

The reports generated can be directly sent to the patient via the app. The same is saved in the patients dashboard in the “reports” section.

Diagnostic centres are seen in search and E booking of Tests and Health packages can be done directly by the patient or Doctor. Online reports are shared with the patient and the doctor are also incorporated. There is a provision for Critical value reporting. Technician module for Collection, Testing and Home Visit, provision for Insurance and company health check for patients are also incorporated.