Buy medicine online with DocSmart, a platform for all stakeholders to interact among themselves. Find a doctor, get digital prescriptions, Blood bank, book doctor appointments & diagnostics lab tests.


All the needs of a doctor in the form of Visibility, Appointment Booking, Out Patient Module, In Patient online hospital records access, Online Consultation, Telemedicine, Conferences, Online Meetings, Webinars, News-Blogs-Forums and Emergency Codes form a part of this software. The doctor can actually access health records in real time.


The Patients have access in real time to their Medical Records, Appointments, Reports, Certificates, Online Consultation, Second Opinion and Grievance Redressal. The App offers ease of searching Doctors, Ambulances, Hospitals, Pharmacy, Diagnostic centres, Blood Banks, Vendors and Services. The App maintains transparency of charges towards services and Disease information in real time. The Privacy and security of data is maintained at all times.


Emergency as well as routine ambulances can be booked on line with ease. The category of ambulance, their availability, staff allocation, and real time location can be seen by the Ambulance centre. The Driver mobile app completes the trip with costing. The App can be of immense help during a disaster with timely allocation of Ambulances.

Blood Bank

Online emergency booking and reservation of blood is possible via the DocSmart App. Availability of blood, Issuing of Blood, Blood Donation , Online Camp Organizer, Staff allocation, Testing of blood and Technician module is provided. Delivery of blood to hospitals can be followed in real time. This prevents wastage of Blood.


Hospitals get online reach to Patients, Doctors and Insurance. Online searchable variants incorporated are: Services offered, Panel of Doctors, Health and Disease packages and Emergency Facility available. Hospitals will be given the Polyclinic and IPD software which includes staff, stock and accounting modules. The software incorporates various emergency codes and protocols and also crowd management systems.


DocSmart offers online reach to patients and E prescription connect. It incorporates a pharmacy software having both generic and brand names of medicines. It has provision for online purchase from stockists and auto update of medicines data. It also has a provision for home delivery of medicine.


Diagnostic centres are seen in search. E booking of Tests and Health packages can be done directly by the patient or the Doctor. Online reports are shared with the patient and the doctor .There is a provision for Critical value reporting, Technician module for Collection, Testing and Home visit and also a provision for insurance and company health check for patients.


All modules are integrated with the connect/ contact feature. This allows Calling, Video Calling, Conference calling, intra App Messaging and Intra Centre Chat. Chatrooms are created for various diseases.


Vendors can reach out to target clients to sell their products online. Products can be listed as per Company,Costings and other parameters. Online Payment and Bulk Selling is possible. There is a provision towards tracking of delivery both by vendors and clients.


Pharmaceutical companies can reach out to doctors digitally. New products and existing products information and also events propagation can be done online to the target clients. Companies can reach out to stockists and retailers for online purchases.

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The insurance sector gets information in real time about their insured clients. Companies can check the status of admission of patients in real time. Its unique feature allows digital transferring of files and bills with filtering of non-payables.

GOVERNMENT Notification

The Government can see in real time the demography of disease prevalence and efficacy of various Government programs. Through the system, the Government can plan various strategies and evaluate its efficacy. They can reach out to various health care providers and citizens to notify them or propagate its various schemes.