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Multiple isolated Health Apps exists in the market. DocSmart brings all the requirements of a doctor under one platform.

DocSmart fulfils the following needs of a Doctor:

Ethical Visibility - Online Doctor Appointment

DocSmart works under the principal of NO COMMISSION from doctors. It is unethical for doctors to advertise themselves at a cost or pay a part or percentage of their patients fees to any app company. DocSmart works on a subscription model and does not charge any commission to doctors.

Onboarded doctors are seen via filters of Near me, Cost, Speciality, Complains, Home visit, Online consultation among others.

Those doctors affiliated to any cashless insurance will be seen as such in filters. The search label of doctors display their Name, Clinic name, Speciality, Qualification, Years in practise, Rating review, Clinic address with google map integration along with the fees of the doctor.

Appointment scheduling

DocSmart allows doctors to take direct bookings from patients. It does not need an operator or mediator to allocate a booking. Doctors can set their appointment timings along with leaves and offs as per clinics. It also allocates the slot timings between two patient’s. On booking an appointment, the patient’s are initially offered the next available appointment which can be rescheduled or cancelled both by the doctor or patient.

OPD creation

Doctors can create an OPD of a patient from the “Appointment label”, “Search patient” and in “Book Appointment”. The OPD has various features such as Working Diagnosis, Event diagnosis, Allergies, Past medical History, Ongoing Medication of various doctors, Reports, Gallery. It has provision for Patient not brought or Patient brought dead.

One can create a medical certificate or consent for Procedure in the OPD module.

Prescription Modules

The OPD created have 3 types of prescriptions : Advanced, Basic and capture prescription.

The Advanced Prescription is better seen on a computer and has an advanced OPD module for all specialities such as Medicine, Paediatrics, Gynaecologists and Orthopaedics. The Paediatrics module has mile stones, vaccinations etc. The Gynaecologists module has information on birth control, Menses, Obstetric history, ANC etc. The Orthopaedics module has all bones and joints along with their range of movements and types of fractures etc.

The Basic prescription is easy to use on a smart mobile phone with entry of data in the box’s provided.

The Capture prescription module is created for those doctors who want to continue using the pen and paper. They can write their prescription and take an image of the same.

All prescriptions written is saved in the doctors and patients log in.

Generic Prescription

The app has more than 3 lac medicines to choose from. The medicine chosen along with their dosage is saved along with their Generic Names and composition in the prescription pdf.

Profile Sharing

Doctors can share their profile with their patients so that the patients can reach out directly to them digitally. A QR code can also be downloaded for display in their clinics.

Diagnostic Tests and Centre choice

DocSmart has masters of tests which helps a doctor to choose from. Doctors can choose a lab directly in the module or write any lab of his choice to guide the patient to. Tests not in the masters can be added to the investigation list.

The chosen diagnostic centre in the system will get an intimation about the same and an appointment can thereby be created for the patient by the diagnostic center.

Digital Signature

Each document created by the doctor needs to be digitally signed by the doctor. DocSmart helps create a digital PIN which is linked to the doctors signature. This authenticates the document.

Individualised Letter head

DocSmart has an individualised letterhead for each doctor with details of his Name, speciality, qualification, registration number, clinic address and time.

Doctors can also choose to use their own letter head for the prescription.

The prescription is digitally signed and is authenticated by a QR code ( Applied for patent)

PRN number

A Patients Registration number ( PRN) is created of all patients for the particular doctor. This helps in identification of a patient by a doctor. The PRN number is created such that even a non DocSmart member’s prescription can be created and stored by the doctor for himself. Should the patient authenticate himself in the system the PRN number helps create a DocSmart credential of the patient including the past records. ( Applied for Patent)

Online Consultation and Video Consultation

DocSmart helps doctors desirous of being available for online and Video Consultation. During the Covid pandemic, the role of online consultation has been proven. DocSmart offers both Chat and Video consultation. It gives provision to patient to send all their records and files as an attachment for the doctor to study prior to the video consultation. These records are saved in the online consultation module.

Medical Certificates

DocSmart helps a doctor create an online Medical certificate for his patients. Various types of certificates such as Fitness, Under treatment as well as Customised certificates can be created.

Home Visit scheduling

DocSmart allows patients to request a home visit by a doctor. The doctor can choose the date and time of fulfilling the request. The address of the patient is shared with google location. Prescription module can be used by the doctor on the go.

Doctor Assistant

This is a module which can be used by the doctors assistant to assist the doctor to schedule appointments, print prescription for the patient and collect the payment from the patients. The doctor can use the module by “ticking” in the prescription : Money to be collected by reception, appointment to be given by reception. The same then reflects in the doctor assist module for completion by the assistant.

Search Patients

The search patient module allows the doctor to search his as well as any patient in the system.

He can create an OPD , medical certificate, request online consultation, message and red flag a patient. He can also view the last visit, next appointment and balance payable by his patients. The Doctor needs to request access from the patient if he is not his patient.

Saved Prescription

All the prescriptions created by the doctor is saved in the Prescription module. He can search by date or patients name. The doctor can also upload any prescription he chooses to save in the app.

Saved Images

All the images of the patient captured by the doctor is saved in the Gallery module. He can search by date or patients name. The doctor can also upload any image he chooses to save in the app.

Saved Reports of patients

Doctors can upload or capture a report of the patient and save in his app. Reports generated by the laboratories can be directly shared to the doctor via the app.

Consent for Procedures

DocSmart helps create an informed transparent consent form which includes details about the procedure along with its possible complications and the cost involved. The digitally signed consent by the doctor can be signed digitally by the patient or guardian via the app. The form can also be downloaded and saved in the app.

Records of Documents and Certificates

Doctors can save their documents and medical certificates and records in the app. Covid certificate can be safely uploaded in the app for quick reference and display. Records entered in the app are automatically added in the records module.

Medical accounts and Wallet

Doctors can keep track of all their transactions in the app. They can download the same for accounting purposes. All online transactions are reflected in the Wallet which can be reclaimed 7 days post completion of service.

Flag an Abusive patient

Doctors can red flag an abusive patient if he is verbally or physically abused. An FIR needs to be uploaded to display a red flag against the patient in the system. Doctors can also remove the red flag if he chooses to do so.

See balance payable of the patient

The patients label in “appointment” as well as in “search patient” displays the balance payable the doctor has to receive from the patient. Doctors can recover the same in the OPD module or in the accounts module.

Review Rate your patient

DocSmart allows the doctors to review rate the patients. The rating is kept anonymous.

Review Rate your patient

DocSmart allows the doctors to review rate the patients. The rating is kept anonymous.

Read and Post Blogs

Blogs module has been created in the home page as well as inside the app. Both Admin as well as DocSmart members can share blogs for all to see.

Medical News

The medical news section of DocSmart posts latest medical news in India as well as across the globe.