Multiple isolated Health Apps exists in the market. DocSmart brings all the requirements of a Patient under one platform.

The uniqueness of the app is its ability to bring digitally to the patient his “neighbourhood” doctors, pharmacy, diagnostic , emergency ambulance and blood banks.

A dedicated “Patients Dashboard” is one of its kind in any health app platform in the market. DocSmart fulfils the following needs of a Patient:

Authentic Search

DocSmart search module shows the patient/ user the nearest doctors, pharmacy, diagnostic, ambulance and blood bank.

It can search Doctors based on near me, speciality, cost, rating, complains, home visit, online consultation among others. Doctors giving free consultation are available for those patients who are economically weak.

Patients having insurance can reach out to the doctors affiliated to the insurance companies. Pharmacy centres can be searched based on near me , offers- discounts, Generic stores, day- night pharmacy and those doing home delivery.

Diagnostic centres can be searched based on near me , offers- discounts, day- night and those giving home service.

Ambulance centres can be searched based on near me , offers- discounts, day- night, Outstation and the type of ambulance required.

Blood Bank centres can be searched based on near me , day- night , Type of blood components and those doing hospital delivery.

Appointment Booking

DocSmart allows patients to directly book Online appointments of Doctors, Diagnostic and Ambulance through the app. It does not need an operator or mediator to allocate a booking. Appointments can be booked by the patient via the search module or in favourites. On booking an Online Doctor appointment, the patients are initially offered the next available appointment which can be rescheduled or cancelled both by the doctor or patient. Payment may be initiated online or paid later physically.

A request to book blood test or Lab Tests is sent to the Diagnostic centre which gives the appointment time for the booking. Patients can request a full body check up. Bookings not accepted are auto cancelled after 24 hours. Home service technician with contact number can be shared to the patient.

A request form is filled towards booking an Ambulance along with time, destination and type of ambulance required. Bookings not accepted are auto cancelled. On acceptance ambulance driver and contact details are shared to the patient- user.

My Orders

Patients can buy medicines online. Request for medicines placed with a pharmacy and request for Blood components is saved in this module.

Medicine Bookings not accepted are auto cancelled after 24 hours. In case of home delivery, delivery personal name and contact details can be shared with the user.

Status of Blood component ordered can be seen and either the same can be collected from centre or Hospital delivery technicians details can be sent though the system.

Digital Signature

DocSmart helps create a digital PIN which is linked to the users signature. This authenticates the document. Patients can use the same to sign online documents like the consent form for procedures.

Online Consultation and Video Consultation

DocSmart helps patients reach out to doctors through the online line consultation and video conferencing module from the comfort of ones home. During the Covid pandemic, the role of online consultation has been proven. DocSmart offers both Chat and Video consultation. It gives provision to patient to send all their records and files as an attachment for the doctor to study prior to the video consultation. These records are saved in the online consultation module.

Home Visit scheduling

DocSmart allows patients to request a home visit by a doctor. The patinet can choose a preferred date and time of fulfilling the request. The address of the patient is shared with google location.

Personal module

The personal module stores information about the patients Diabetic and Blood pressure status. It also shows the vaccination schedule and those already received.

Saved Prescription

All the prescriptions created by the doctor is saved in the Patients Prescription module. User can search by date or name. The patient can also upload any prescription he chooses to save in the app.

Saved Images

All the images and media created by the doctor of the patient is saved in the Patients Prescription module. User can search by date or name. The patient can also upload any images he chooses to save in the app.

Saved Reports

The reports generated by the diagnostic centre is automatically uploaded into the report module of the patient. User can search by date or test name. The patient can also upload any tests he chooses to save in the app.


Patients can save their favourites in search module by clicking on the “heart icon” in the label. Any service provider whose service has been taken will also get saved in the favourites section. User can “unfavourite” by clicking on the heart icon again.

Consent for Procedures

DocSmart helps create an informed transparent consent form which includes details about the procedure along with its possible complications and the cost involved. The digitally signed consent by the doctor can be signed digitally by the patient or guardian via the app. The form can also be downloaded and saved in the app. The Consent form request can be seen in the Record section.

Records of Documents and Certificates

Patients can save their documents, medical certificates and records in the app. Covid certificate can be safely uploaded in the app for quick reference and display. Records entered in the app are automatically added in the records module.

Medical accounts and Wallet

Patients can keep track of all their transactions in the app. They can download the same for accounting purposes.

Dependents (Patent applied)

Patients with children below age 18 and Parents and relatives who do not have smart phones can be added in the guardians app as “Dependents”. Appointments can be taken for dependents through their profile log in.

A separate profile is created of dependents which harbours all their medical records. Once the minor turns 18 his profile can be detached and can thereafter exist as an independent profile.

Review Rate

DocSmart allows the patients to review rate the doctors. The rating is kept anonymous.

Read and Post Blogs

Blogs module has been created in the home page as well as inside the app. Both Admin as well as DocSmart members can share blogs for all to see.

Medical News

The medical news section of DocSmart posts latest medical news in India as well as across the globe.


The chat module allows users to freely chat and share attachments within the app with any DocSmart member without compromising the privacy of the contact details. User may Block or report inappropriate any conversation.

Privacy and security of data

DocSmart maintains the privacy and security of data at any given time as mentioned in the terms and conditions of the platform. The patient is the owner of his data and can allow or disallow access to anyone from accessing his unshared data.